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RJ12 splitter (version C)

RJ12 splitter (version C)

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RJ12 splitter with USB-C for additional power supply.

One short RJ12 cable is included, and a generic plastic container.

Detailed specification:

A HAN P1/RJ12 splitter & support card with USB-C port for snoop or data bypass or just as an input of external power.


Enables connection of an additional dongle to a Power Meter’s P1/RJ12 output port. Connect P1/RJ12 to the power meter. P2/RJ12 and P3/RJ12 to the dongles.

RTR Source. Jumper selected source: ON, USB, P2, P3 or P2+P3.
The Power Meter only send data when the Ready-To-Receive signal is active(high).
Note: The "USB-RTR" is controlled by the USB's DTR signal.

Status LEDs. Jumper selected: On/Off.
Showing: Rx-data, Tx-data, RTR, Power "ON" and Power "Out" to P2 & P3.

Power Source jumpers. If power from P1/RJ12 is insufficient use the USB. Feeding both dongles from the P1/RJ12 port is not recommended due to peak current. The USB-C only requires 5V. Current depends on sum of Dongle load +50mA.

"Data via USB" jumper: Default open: Listen mode. Note: Sending USB data may garble output data. Use a jumper to read-modify-write the P1 data before outputting it.
Use the jumper when P1 is disconnected.

Note: This card does not isolate the different connectors nor units from each other.
A single port USB power source shall be used to avoid unwanted cross couplings.

PCB: 72.5*35.5*1.6 mm. Component height ~20 mm RoHS.

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